The Academic Society of Administrative Sciences - having obtained legal personality in March 2008 - is the national research and policy forum for administrative sciences & public law in Romania.

Based on its legal Statute, the Society has the following specific objectives:

  • Forming and developing a nucleus and a network of excellence in the field of administrative sciences.
  • Accumulating knowledge, results and good practice in the field of administrative sciences.
  • Increase the level of scientific authority and visibility at national, European and international level of the professional elites in this field.
  • Stimulating and developing Romanian higher education and excellent scientific research in the field of administrative sciences on national, European and international level.
  • Increasing the administrative capacity of Romania and aligning Romanian administration to the European and international standards of excellence.
  • Disseminating and transferring research results towards the national and international academic members.
  • Informing decision makers, public authorities and civil society about the problems and demands for reform and development of public administration in Romania.