Talking in consideration the evolutions registered in the field of social science research in Romania, most important in the fields of administrative sciences and public law, the need to develop a new academic arena for the dissemination of scientific results in these fields of study in Romania was born.

The founding members of the Society (E. Balan, C. Iftene, D. Troanta, G. Varia and M. Vacarelu), naming here the research team involved in the national IDEAS research project “The Right to a Good Administration and its Impact on Public Administration Procedures” envisioned the formation of a new scientific forum at national level, composed of representatives of the Romanian Universities, members of the academia with research interests in administrative sciences and public law, members of the executive authorities, civil servants and practitioners, members of the judicial power.

Having obtained legal personality in March 2008, the Academic Society of Administrative Sciences is registered in the national Romanian Registry for Associations and Foundations of the same year.